Chay$e “Purple Love”

Chay$e Purple Love

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Chay$e wasn’t always the evocative, vibrant, woman you hear in her music. Growing up, she was so shy and quiet that she almost let her dream of becoming a singer and songwriter slip away. She found her voice by writing. She found her inspiration by listening to those that came before her like Alanis Morissette, TLC, Aaliyah, Pink, Destiny’s Child and Chaka Khan.

Chay$e describes herself as a vulnerable, passionate, and humble artist whose music serves as a friend to the friendless and a comforter to those who have been broken hearted. Today, she is boldly taking center stage and showcasing her writing skills with her new single, “Purple Love”, from her forthcoming LP of the same name. The song “Purple Love” is a smooth and sensual R&B track about not rushing through making love and experiencing all that she has to offer. She says, “My journey has not always been easy. I am still discovering my voice daily and sharing with the world my peaks and valleys in life.”