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Choklate “Carbon Copy” (Video)

The latest single from Seattle RnB/Soul powerhouse Choklate, is a visual day-in-the-life tour of what it truly means to “Do You”. From “Soul Sock Wars” and Tea Time to Cigar Bars and Night Life, “Carbon Copy” reminds us although we live in a time where individuality is rare and sometimes looked at as abnormal, it is the very thing that makes our world beautiful. These days it’s easier to borrow someones style & tweak it than to live in our own unique skin. The world is not just black and white. We need to change our views on individuality. As Choklate says, “Just do you”.

Check out the official video for “Carbon Copy” featuring cameos by Dwele, Daru Jones (drummer), Fuse Green (graphic artist), Monica Blaire, Zo!, Skyzoo and more. This song is an anthem for everyone who embraces their own creativity and individuality thus never being a “Carbon Copy”. We hope you love the message in the song as much as we do and you enjoy the symbolism in the video!


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