Jon B Babyface Someone to Love

Classic Vibe: Jon B. "Someone to Love" featuring Babyface (1995)

When Jon B. was discovered by Babyface and eventually released his solo album with his help, he quickly become known for being a white man singing in an r&b genre dominated by African Americans. However, songs like today’s classic r&b song of the day “Someone to Love” quickly gave him credibility in this field. Jon released his fourth album “Helpless Romantic” last year and is still making music any color would be proud of.

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  • CC says:

    I love this song and I remember instantly loving it when I saw this video on BET’s Video Soul.From that day I was hooked on JonB. He continues to make quality music. His songs are full of love,passion and real life situations . I’ve been a fan for his entire career and will continue to support him.Thanks for having him on this list.JonB is truly a classic artist.