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Classic Vibe: Aaliyah “Choosey Lover (Old School/New School)” (1996)

After Aaliyah covered The Isley Brothers on her debut album with her sweet rendition of “At Your Best (You Are Love,)” she went on to remake another one of the legendary group’s hits on her critically acclaimed One In A Million album.  Aaliyah covered The Isley Brothers 1983 song “Choosey Lover.”  In her unique sweet but street fashion, Babygirl  included an Old School/New School version of the song (co-produced by Vincent Herbert) on her groundbreaking 1996 album.

Single from The Isley Brothers Between the Sheets album.


  1. Can’t even front hearing songs that Aaliyah redid put me on to people like Ron Isely and Marvin Gaye. Thanks for opening the doors of the past for us Aaliyah!


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