New Music: D’Angelo “Black Hole Sun” (SoundGarden Cover)

D'Angelo 2014

D’Angelo fans waiting to hear NEW material from him are going to have to wait a little longer. While this is new to many, the song is actually pretty old, as confirmed by frequent collaborator Questlove of the Roots:

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  • Mabs says:

    That has to be the worse cover I’ve heard in my life demo or not that was awful. It’s both a caricature of the original and overambitious. As caricature, D’angelo is making light of the serious implications of the song and it’s like he’s mumbling the lyrics and or fluffing them – you can’t tell cuz it’s that bad. You respect what he’s trying to do give it a more psychedelic lift with like Electricladyland era influences but by God, it fails horribly in trying to remain to true to the integrity of the classic original and it fails at trying to innovate too. It’s definitely awful. I never thought in my life that i’d say that about someone as gifted as D’Angelo. Maybe it’s the trees in Virginia. Sheesh.