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Editor Pick: Joss Stone “Girl They Won’t Believe It” (Produced by Raphael Saadiq)


Featured on her third studio album “Introducing Joss Stone”, this Raphael Saadiq produced song is a fan favorite. It has a timeless sound with classic feel Motown inspired layers and background vocals.

Written by Ian Evans


  1. Played this song from Dubai to Johannesburg on an Emirates flight and bought the album at the airport. Now that I look back, its so Lucy Pearl and Motown, but Joss pours over it like honey then summons the holy spirit in the end like Aretha! The whole album was so deep R&B it ensured locked her as Black R&B’s favourite white girl. And every performance she is pitch perfect.Saadiq gave me one of my favourite albums. Headturner is another slick vocal tour d force


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