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Editor Pick: Playa “All the Way” (Produced by Timbaland)


Due to their relationship as part of DeVante Swing’s Da Bassment, Playa and Timbaland worked almost exclusively together on the group’s debut album in 1998. Here is a stand out track from the album that perfectly showcases classic Timbaland prdouction and classic Playa harmonies and vocal arrangements.


  • Jazz Digga says:

    Absolute CLASSIC joint by da boyz from da ‘Ville!! This definitely defined their sound, which was unmatched by any1 in music at da time…only Jodeci had this kind of down-home sound, but with a more polished flare in instrumentation & arrangement. But they came from DeVante’s camp, so could we really expect anything less?? Good pick…my 2nd fave off this album, my 1st is “PUSH”!!

  • Spinner says:

    CLASSIC IS all i can say

  • Justin L says:

    Album is very underrated. Mad they didnt get the props they deserved as Ginuwine and Aaliyah did.

  • Roderick says:

    My Jam!. And those lyrics are on point.

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