Event Recap & Photos: Bilal Performs at Highline Ballroom in NYC

Last night in NYC, Bilal performed in front of a nearly packed house at Highline Ballroom for his “Love Surreal” album release show. Although the album was pushed back by a couple of weeks, as he ensured on stage, nobody would be bootlegging him this time around! (Poking fun that his 2006 “Love for Sale” album was heavily bootlegged and eventually shelved). Bilal performed songs from his new album including the Prince inspired “West Side Girl” as well as the new single “Back to Love”. It hasn’t always been easy for r&b artists to pack the Highline Ballroom, one of the larger venues for the genre, but if the crowd turnout was any indication, music lovers are in full support of his return to music with “Love Surreal”.

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-1-2

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-2-2

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-4-2

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-5-2

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-6-2

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-7-2

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-8-2

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-9-2

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-10-2

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-12-2

Bilal Highline Ballroom 2013-14-2


  • MsMendez says:

    We were present for the AMAZING performance and are STILL talking about it. The show was spectacular and the music was beyond anything we expected. The energy inside the Highline Ballroom was palpable as Bilal’s raw talent entranced his audience. Indeed Bilal is one if the most underrated artists of our time. Love Surreal is his time to silence all doubters and critics alike. A true fan is born!