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iman omari take away
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Iman Omari “Take Away” featuring Good Joon


With the “new sound” of West Coast music upon us, a young prodigy from the left coast is prepared to make his mark on the music industry. With such a diverse display of talents, 21-year old Los Angeles-based composer, producer, writer and singer IMAN OMARI is using a sound that “can’t be defined” to takeover the game.

Taking over the game starts in 2011 for Omari with his debut album “Energy” scheduled for a November release. Through his infectious use of melodic vocals combined with jazz-fusion, hip-hop, soul and R&B he hopes to change the way people listen to music, making it a more passionate and soulful experience. The self-taught musician and former graduate of the Alexander Hamilton High School of Music Academy has already delivered the bubbly sound of the New West to the world. As a self-proclaimed hip-hop lover, he has produced tracks for numerous prominent California rappers including Pac Div, Overdoz and Dom Kennedy. His unique sound allowed him to land co-production credits on Kendrick Lamar’s 2011 critically acclaimed “Section 80” mixtape.


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