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Editor Pick: Amerie “I Just Died”


Since I first heard Amerie’s debut album “All I Have,” I have been in love with it! I mean, it’s a beautiful album that flows amazingly from start to finish and has an old school r&b sound that was just like nothing else in its time. I picked to highlight “I Just Died,” but I could have easily picked any song from the album to showcase and it would have been no different. Did you like this album as much as I did?


  • Flame 50 says:

    definitely loved this album!!! i can let the whole thing roll… many prople slept on amerie with this one!!

  • AmerieFAN says:

    All I Have is my favorite album of all times! “I Just Died” is very catchy.. and it’s so amazing. And different from anything out there. All I Have is a true classic, every song on it is good and I even after 9 years it still sounds fresh & new. It will never get old!

    • Slam says:

      It’s definitely one of my favorite of all time as well. One of those that you can really just put in and listen to from start to finish. The album had such a fresh sound when it came out, it wasn’t like anything I’d heard in r&b for awhile. Great album!

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