Maurice “M&M”

Maurice M and M

M&M is a song penned by the lyrical scribe that serves as an anthem for all of his industry peers who are juggling their career between music and that special woman in their life. Lyrically, it is a song every musician can relate to; late night studio sessions, long road trips and of course, the late responses to text messages, which always seem to be interpreted the wrong way. M&M features flashy production from Maurice & The Auracle; combining the smooth elements of traditional R&B with a rugged, modern hip-hop sound, welded together by a very catchy synth pad loop. The 808 heavy track also displays superb vocal ability and range from the 17-year old crooner over the silky instrumentation. It’s safe to say that M&M is a euphonious song that will surely win over more #TeamMaurice fans.

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