Mishon Victorias Secret

Mishon “Victoria’s Secret”


Triple threat entertainer and rising star Mishon has completed his new project and decided to give fans a taste of his new tantalizing yet sensual single “Victoria’s Secret.”

The sexy cut from his “Dorm Room Music” EP slated to release a week from today on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 is the lead single off of the 10-track musical experience.

Here’s what he had to say: “Victoria’s Secret was inspired by a real-life situation. All men come across that one girl who has that mystique about them, that makes you want to find out what she’s really about. I wanted to find a slick and sexy way to touch on this experience. So my writing partner Kingpen and I came up with the concept “Victoria’s Secret”. We reached out to my hommie Young Tre (15-year-old producer) for a track and once the vocals hit the track this was the result.”