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Monica “New Life” (Album Preview)

Monica’s new album is due out April 10th, but stream the album now via CentricTV.

Click here to listen to Monica’s new album


  1. I think new life is an over all good efford. I do however believe it isnt a concept or hit driven type album just to get people to buy into a gimmic at most, as much common as it is with todays artist other than Monica or even Brandy herself. Not to say there are no radio friendly singles or potentiol hits, but from what im reciving is that it wasnt the main goal for this albums dirrection.

    What I get out of this record is The diary of her life,enough so that at this point in her carreer to say the least thats shes desperately in need for another hit would be deemed so unfair & by far fetched from the truth.

    But What you can expect from her delivery would be a very stripped down, deep,in dept glimsp into her life.
    which could honerably be concedard a gift to us all at this point in her discography.

    So farther more while profoundly staking a claim that she has nothing to prove other than the mary like blige esique take me as I am or have nothing at all.

    & Coming from a r&b vett/legend as herself, with a suitable status such as hers is by far aceptable. cause after all while she is still the same as before you walk out of my life Monica,she is after all now a grown ass woman with a very much so new way of living & new found perpous.

    But still dont step on this divas toes cause im sure as she would say, have no problem with riding pass yo house & smacking yo chick. Just to let you know that shes still a bad chick. & is she under no circumstance to be messed with,cause she would have to also let you know what sh*t belongs to her. & I say that by all means with nothin but the up most highest of respect,cause as a fan of hers & as well as Brandys I am nothing short of inspired by them both.

    Bottom line: So if you support real true r&b,than this album is for you,& if you dont than just stick to the trash thats on the radio today,& continue to let real music die. Sombody has to take a stand so why not be a leader,& just be true to you.
    & stop following all these trends. 2012 is the year to finally make a movement. Lets for once again Support these type of artist who remains true to their craft,cause after all there isnt too many more real left.

    (P.S From the number one Star,& also the number one Dove foe life)


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