Mya Somebody Come Get This Bitch

Mya “Somebody Come Get This Bitch”


After releasing her new album “K.I.S.S.” in Japan earlier this year, Mya plans to release the U.S. edition of the album December 20th to iTunes. The deluxe edition of the album is headlined by “Earthquake” and this single “Somebody Come Get This Bitch”.


  • mabs says:

    What the hell is this. It’s like Gaga meets Minaj. Smdh. This will be a hit no doubt but the lows….

  • bourgeoisbrats says:

    It’s already blowing up :-) But then again, it doesn’t take much more than a passive-aggressive “oow…aah” title, to impress a bunch of people in this record’s demographic audience! lol!

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