New Artist Spotlight: Eden Gem “Closer”

Edem Gem Closer

Full Bio

Eden is the source of all artistic creations. Gems are all the pieces of art that can be found here. To find an Eden Gem is the goal of all artists. It is the beating heart of their creative spirits and the journey they all must take. We create these gems to treasure and reveal our life experiences, hardships we’ve endured, and the lessons we have learned as we journey to Eden. Both natives of Washington D.C., Elizabeth “Liz” Jackson and Deidra “Lovey” Love began their musical journey together in 2012 while performing as background singers for D.C. local artist Robert Snuhgie Stocks. Before their partnership, they both had experience in the Eden of music.

While both women had been performing locally and internationally for years, they quickly discovered that their voices were made to sing in harmony. Singing background together for former EnVogue member Dawn Robinson, recording for Italian Jazz artist GeGe Telesforo, and recording a remake of Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now” with Patrick Cooper were just a few of the occasions where their voices met. They knew it was time to express what they wanted to say and how they wanted to say it to the world together on their own terms. From there, and with all their years of musical experience, Eden Gem was born. Their sound encompasses a euphoric blend of harmonic voices accompanied by jazz infused rhythm & blues. Their melodies are simplistically complex, sure to captivate the ears of every musical listener and provide them with a unique experience. Eden Gem lyrics tell the story, the story of everyday people on an incredible adventure, allowing all to experience Eden, and its Gems, through their music.


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