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Dru Hill InDruPendence Day Album Cover
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New Music: Dru Hill “Away” (Produced by Bryan Michael Cox)

Dru Hill InDruPendence Day Album Cover

I was just highlighting another masterpiece that B.M. Cox constructed with Dru Hill from their last album on “If I Could” (Click Here To Read/Listen) and now this comes out. Wow, leave it to Cox to help resurrect the career of a group trying to find it’s way back!! I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised, it seems like everything Cox touches turns to gold when it comes to his production. This song may not blow up on the radio, but it’s a very solid cut and a step in the right direction for Dru Hill.


  1. NICE! Yea i hear the scratchiness in Sisqo's voice. Its way evident in Love MD and i bet we'll hear more scratchiness all the way through the album comin out and even though it has changed his voice a bunch than what we are used to it's not too bad i guess. It's all b/c of the improper singing but that's why he's so sick. Thanks for putting this up. Dru Hill is my favorite of all time.


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