J Valentine Love and Other Drugs

New Music: J. Valentine “Wife U Up”

J Valentine Love and Other Drugs

I really hadn’t heard much from J. Valentine up until this point, it’s actually pretty hard to dig up any information on the self proclaimed King of R&Bay (he resides in the Bay Area). He did have the single “She’s Worth the Trouble” a few years back, and was supposed to release his debut album soon after in 2008, but apparently that never happened. I wouldn’t go as far as crowning him the king of anything just yet, but after a few spins of “Wife U Up” I can see he is really talented. I’m not sure when his debut will drop, but I will definitely check for it when it does.

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  • Anonymous says:

    He clearly needs some more promotional backing…cause some of the stuff i've heard from him are pretty tight

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