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New Music: Joe “When the Light Goes Off” (Produced by Tim & Bob) & “Get Down”

Joe Marcus Garvey Park Summerstage NYC 2014-11

“When the Light Goes Off” and “Get Down” are two currently unreleased songs by r&b singer Joe.


  1. When the Light Goes Off is not a slow jam, its obviously up-tempo and its a banger. If you not a fan of tim & bob's beats something is wrong.

  2. Aiight anonymous, you caught me slippin there, Light Goes Off is an uptempo jam. I am a fan of Tim & Bob, but that doesn't mean I have to find every single one of their beats to be good.

  3. like that beat by Tim & Bob, but i luv the lyrics, vocals, and uptempo beats frm JOE.. JOEAMAZIN!!!!!!!!!. 2013, is your year Joe, 20 years in the making. you’ve come a long way….. alijoe


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