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News: PJ Morton Reveals Details on Young Money Signing: “I have full creative control over the music I do”

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With the recent announcement that soul crooner PJ Morton had signed to Young Money (YMCMB), many r&b fans rejoiced in hopes that a talented artist who has flown under the radar will finally get the attention he deserves. However, many also began to wonder, what would happen to the quality of his music now that he’s signed to a label primarily known for hip-hop music. As PJ revealed exclusively to YouKnowIGotSoul.com, there is no need to worry music fans: “I have full creative control over the music I do, so I knew it was the right spot for me.”

Fans who are familiar with the work of PJ Morton know that he would never compromise the quality and integrity of his work, so that statement should come as no surprise. Although his creativity tends to take him outisde of the box at times, it sounds as if that type of expression will be applauded within his new label:

“Yea, I think that’s kinda the misconception about Young Money overall. It’s kind of an old school concept that they have over there in the sense of back in the day, people signed artists that they believed in and they kinda let them do what they do because they already believe as opposed to trying to change who the artist were.” Morton went on to add, “I think they’re bringing back that “I don’t care” creative attitude back to the industry. That let me know it was definitely the right place.”

PJ Morton is currently working on his first Young Money release, a new EP titled “Following my First Mind” which will release in the next few months.

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  • Sandra says:

    PJ Morton is a bad somebody.
    He is gifted, talented,intelligent,determined,extraordinary,creative,mindful,young, drug and alcohol free and blessed. Without even mentioning who he is in the world as it relates to his sir name when you take a listen to his music it truly speaks for itself. He’s the type of young fella that builds a box to put the world in because he knows that he must be in control. As the builder he realizes that he is not the craftsman nor the creator of that box but yet nothing more than the ultimate construction worker or workman (if you will) He is one who has been given the difficult task of lifting heads by dropping some love PJ Morton style.Love goes all over the world. It starts at home,in the head and in the heart, in the church and then spreads abroad. Love is not pure love until it is shared and given away. PJ Morton “shares” by stepping outside of the box and “gives” by pouring back into that box all that has been given to him everyday of his young life. If you want to see a young man on a phenomenial musical journey keep your ears tuned as he continues to drop the tunes from the black and whites into our hearts and minds.Not to mention our souls for dude is extremely soulful.

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