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R.L. “The Life”

RL The Life

In life all one can do is give it everything you’ve got. The ebb and flows of life can have you enjoying the spoils of the good life, and the lows of falling a couple of rungs on the ladder of success. This is the story of the former lead singer of Next RL who’s survived a very public break up from Next, life as a solo artist, and fatherhood all while striving to make good music. Now RL’s channeling all of those experiences as he brings his fans a new catalogue of music. Which he started last year as he dropped the single/video Boo’d Up.

Now RL is back with a new single “The Life” produced by Drumatikbeats for SoForReal Productions. This new heat rock features vintage vocals from the late great “Notorious B.I.G” and is the lead single from the self-titled project “The Life”. RL has teamed up with Famed DJ Averi Minor to host his new project, as the official release of “The Life” is slated to drop in the upcoming weeks. In this track RL shows his fans that he’s still making great music and is poised to bring “Grown Folk” R&B back to the forefront. In the meantime all RL wants you to do is sit back, relax and enjoy “The Life”.


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