Faith Evans Lately I

Rare Gem: Faith Evans “Lately I” (Puff Daddy Remix)

Here is the remix of the Diane Warren penned track “Lately I”. I had no idea this version existed until I recently stumbled upon it and I’m glad I found it. The original version is one of my favorite Faith Songs to date and this remix, which was produced by J-Dub and Diddy, just brings it to another level. Faith really shines on the remix with her amazing vocals.


  • sarah says:

    Where can I get that remix ? It’s absolutely beautiful !

  • Kent says:

    Thank you so much for the post. I was looking for this particular song about 10 years ago and when you tube came into existence I continued my search with no success. It took this long to find it and I’m grateful. If you could post it on youtube that would be awesome as I can attached it to my favorites.