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J Holiday Live BB Kings Jun 2012
Rare Gems

Rare Gem: J. Holiday “Crazy Love”

J Holiday Live BB Kings Jun 2012

“Crazy Love” is an unreleased song that was not featured on either of J. Holiday’s two studio albums. This song has been featured on a host of R&B Mixtapes and has that end of summer feel to it. One may assume that the song was never released because the vocals sound a bit “young” and styled; suited a little more for an artist like Mario.

Written by Ian Evans


  1. Is this really J. Holiday? It doesn’t sound like him. It actually sounds more like Mario, even though I’m sure its not him either.

    A Rare Gem of J. Holiday’s I recently discovered is a song called “The Way It Was”, which also was not on either of his albums but is actually amazing.

  2. I agree. I think its Mario as well. I have thought that from day one hearing this song. But it could be a young J. Holiday as well. Need to INTERVIEW J. Holiday and ASK him if this was him….


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