J Holiday Live BB Kings Jun 2012

Rare Gem: J. Holiday “Crazy Love”

J Holiday Live BB Kings Jun 2012

“Crazy Love” is an unreleased song that was not featured on either of J. Holiday’s two studio albums. This song has been featured on a host of R&B Mixtapes and has that end of summer feel to it. One may assume that the song was never released because the vocals sound a bit “young” and styled; suited a little more for an artist like Mario.

Written by Ian Evans


  • G says:

    Is this really J. Holiday? It doesn’t sound like him. It actually sounds more like Mario, even though I’m sure its not him either.

    A Rare Gem of J. Holiday’s I recently discovered is a song called “The Way It Was”, which also was not on either of his albums but is actually amazing.

  • Anthony Carter says:

    I agree. I think its Mario as well. I have thought that from day one hearing this song. But it could be a young J. Holiday as well. Need to INTERVIEW J. Holiday and ASK him if this was him….

  • Shalini says:

    You have nice music J-Holiday and I love your songs.