R&B Sales Continue To Decline And You Should Be Concerned – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #52

YKIGS May 21, 2017 4

RnB Podcast

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2:15: Thoughts on LeToya Luckett’s “Back 2 Life” album
10:45: Ledisi’s new single is trap?
18:46: Review on Faith Evans and Biggie’s duet album
26:55: Ne-Yo’s releases two new songs
31:00: Upcoming tours
35:22: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Ginuwine and Faith Evans
53:35: Love Letter feature

We had to a take a break last week to enjoy Mother’s Day but we are back with some more R&B. We start off the podcast talking about the release of LeToya’s new album “Back 2 Life” and our thoughts on the album. We spend some time raving about her collaboration with Ludacris on the catchy song “Grey” and also discuss her low album sales. We also look at her inclusion of trap sounds in the production and discuss whether it is needed for an R&B artist to do that. We also talk about Ledisi’s new single which also contains some trendier sounds. Afterwards we review Faith Evans and Biggie’s duet album “The King & I” which is a project we’ve been waiting on for a long time. We talk about some of the strong points of the album including its 90’s influenced production.

We also talk about the release of Ne-Yo’s new single “Earn Ur Love” as well our interaction with him on Twitter. We’re all on board with his new project as long as it isn’t full of Pitbull material. Some of the upcoming R&B tours include Bell Biv Devoe, Mary J. Blige and August Alsina. We talk about the odd pairing for MJB’s tour with Lalah Hathaway opening up for her. For our hall of fame discussion, we try to induct Ginuwine and Faith Evans. As usual, the conversation is heated with educated debates on their careers.

For our love letter feature, Edd analyzes Tamia’s hit record “Officially Missing You”.


  1. a.m.music May 22, 2017 at 7:45 am - Reply

    The industry is not allowing r&b to sell. Artist must adapt and base success on other things than record sales. In my opinion focus on live performances but in releasing new music release 5-6 new songs push 1 or 2 and add it to your live show. Second focus on the overseas market, it’s obvious the powers that be does not want good, positive music to inspire and help create a moral fabric in America

    • Lisa G May 22, 2017 at 12:23 pm - Reply

      I could not agree with this comment more!

    • Tashema Oates May 24, 2017 at 2:52 pm - Reply

      @a.m.music, you hit nail right on the head, R&B music shines better live and on tour. And in today climate, for RnB to shine, and audience has to be cultivated. And is also seems that to me a lot of R&B digital presence is not strong as far in branding. Everywhere I turn, I see Drake OVO, Kendrick TDE or J.Cole. That is their signature brand. Branding is what keeping artist relevant in the streaming world. And yes overseas is where the RnB Genre is respected and wanted.

  2. Tashema Oates May 24, 2017 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    I concur, live performance and touring overseas is key.

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