Shaliek I Dont Wanna Be Famous EP

New Music: Shaliek Rivers “Can We Go Back”


Here is the second single from Singer/Songwriter SHALIEK RIVERS for the song “CAN WE GO BACK” from the upcoming and highly anticipated “I DON’T WANNA BE FAMOUS” EP. The “I Don’t Wanna Be Famous” EP will be available for free download on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

“CAN WE GO BACK” was written by Jaron “JaronHitz” Smith and produced by David Balfour. “I am truly excited to be able to finally share with the world my journey via my EP. On “Can We Get Back”, I wanted to give a Sam Cooke type-of-feel and just do my part in trying to bring old R&B back to the masses”, says Shaliek.


  • @No1zProDiGy says:

    Does the name AARADHNA PATEL ring any bells??

  • Kay says:

    Yo you know your write stole these lyrics aye?

    • Buddha says:

      I hope you realize we don’t know Shaliek Rivers personally. We just post the music that is submitted to us. Besides, Shaliek didn’t write the song. If you read our post, it says the song was written by Jaron “JaronHitz” Smith. Thanks for visiting our site.

  • Plagiarised Big Time! says:

    Everyone knows the original singer and songwriter of “Can We Go Back” is Aaradhna. The nerve of you to use the same title even, shame! We love you Aaradhna!

  • Fale fauatea says:

    The nerve of u yah faggot as poofta… Inspired by Sam cook?? D nerve of dis fool..!!! Id hate for u 2 display dat as ur own k own dalm well u cudnt even sing a tune 2 save ur life… I cud onli hope u were hia n australia wit yah punk ass so i fuckn smash ur face n person… Karmas a bitch and i hope u choke on a dick cunt… Take care

  • LUX says:

    Not as good as Aaradhna, she set the bar too high ah! in her Pj’s even! lol South Auckland New Zealand all day homie!

  • Fale Fauatea says:

    Y aint u clowns putn any of my comments up… Yall shudnt support dis clown web he aint even using his own material…??? Jus goes 2 show hw desperate dis idiot is… Learn hw to write ur own music u stupid bastard

  • @No1zProDiGy says:

    I just wanna apologize because I’m personally the one who pointed out to Aaradhna the similarities in this hook and her own original “Can We Go Back” hook. NOT KNOWING as a result people would attack Shaliek personally as an artist. I respect ALL artists who LOVE their artform enough to push it out there to the masses. I highly doubt its an easy thing to do.

    Aside from the possible plagiarism on JaronHitz part (which is a HUGE factor to put aside) I like Shalieks sound and his idea of giving us a “Sam Cooke vibe”. Its something I feel music is missing nowadays.

    However, like I tweeted earlier, SOME kind of clarification from Jaron “JaronHitz” Smith or Shaliek himself on whether this is one big coincidence or plain ol’ thievery would be GREAT, and until then, I regretfully will not be supporting the “I Dont Wanna Be Famous” EP.

  • @No1zProDiGy says:

    “It happens” huh? LAME


  • Shaliek Rivers says:

    Wssup Aaradha’s fans, This is Shaliek Rivers. I heard Aaradhna’s song “Can we go back” and although its very similiar, it’s not the same. I spoke with Aaradhna and we will take the necessary steps to proving this has to be one big coincidence. These kinds of things happens all the time. I heard the song Jaron Hitz submitted to me and loved it. He says he NEVER heard of Aaradha much less heard her song. I apologize for angering you all and hopefully we can get this straightened out.

    Peace, Shaliek

  • Wrong Wrong Wrong says:

    Wow, you’re a thief and stole Aaradhna’s words, that’s why they deleted comments off your fan page when people politely pointed out similarities between the songs…because you’re guilty. Embarrassing.

  • Charmaine Davis says:

    First of all it’s “due respect” not “do respect” and second of all, you heard her song and then straight copied it right down to the title.

    That’s one big run-on sentence you idiot! LOL. The word “and” is used way too much. Proof-read your own shit before you go trying to correct others.

    You idiots are losers. Get a life. Ignorant motherfukers

    Shaliek is way too talented of a writer to be stealing shit from A NOBODY!

  • Charmaine Davis says:

    Read his comment you big dummies! He’s being respectful and mature. You guys are the BIGGEST ASSHOLES i’ve ever encountered. Honestly, his song is WAY better than “whoever she is ” song. He clearly DID NOT steal anything.

    You motherfuckers must want war!

    • @No1zProDiGy says:

      i totally agree he’s bein REALLY respectful. all the harsh and foul language is really unnecessary folks.

      his statement here got me downloading that EP of his LOL woop woop!

      Oh but sweetie, the “whoever she is” youre referring to is AARADHNA. How bout we all just follow Mr. Rivers lead and tread respectfully? Good deal.

  • Babz Stowers says:

    Naw, keep kissing his arse Charmaine and maybe one day he’ll notice you. If a fan of Rivers is calling fans of Aaradhna “idiots”, “losers”, “motherfukers”, “dummies”, “assholes” that’s all the more reason for me NOT to like him. Of everyone’s comments on here (bar maybe one), yours are the MOST disrespectful, abhorrent and moronic. Ka kite ano…beeeeeaatch!

  • jlsamoa says:

    oh da insolence of u charmaine! his song is not waaaaay better dan aaradhna’s & dere no need 2 act like u don’t know her name cos she got more hits on youtube dan ol’ shaliek baby. u know u luv her music as much as u love his, any fool can admit dat. well good luck 2 our girl radz wit proving dat jaron did in fact steal her chorus @ least…tried 2 get away wit it LMAO nice try, maybe next time hahahaha