Stokely Williams Mint Condition Level

Stokley of Mint Condition Releases First Solo Single “Level”, Readies Debut Album

Stokely Williams Mint Condition Level

For many years now, r&b lovers have practically begged for a solo album from Stokley Williams. As the lead singer of Mint Condition, he’s long been considered one of the best voices in the genre. Since the group debuted in the early 90’s, Stokley has flirted with the possibility of a solo project, but none has ever come to fruition.

It appears that is all set to change in the not too distant future. The singer has just released his first ever solo single “Level”, which you can listen to now before it becomes available digitally on March 3rd. This is the first offering from his upcoming solo debut album which is tentatively titled “Who is Stokley”.

We don’t have any further details at this point, but without of doubt this should be one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Mint Condition as a group last released the album “Music At The Speed of Life” in 2012, and the holiday album “Healing Season” in 2015. They’ve also continued to tour heavily over the years as well.


  • Lou says:

    Nice but as the only lead singer of mint condition which is one of the baddest bands around he was practically solo anyway I guess dont understand why there would be a demand for a solo album when the songs they created to me was Platinum level anyway other words if it ain’t broke why fix it

    • YKIGS says:

      For us, it’s exciting to think what he could do with outside producers. With Mint Condition, it was the band backing him all of the time. Thinking of the possibilities of creating with those outside of his circle.

  • Lou says:

    True good point ..voice is definitely incredible

  • mark says:

    Stokley has a great voice and with the band Mint Condition it works perfectly. What you don’t want to happen is what we’ve so many time with popular groups like Mint Condition. The lead singer releases a solo album and before you know it, he becomes a solo artists and the band that made him famous is soon forgotten. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the solo album but, that shouldn’t break up the band because of it.