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Tawanna – See You Again (Produced by Timbaland) [Dedicated to Aaliyah]


Timbaland has decided to open up the vaults and let us hear an unreleased song by one of his female proteges. We all know Aaliyah, Keri Hilson and Kiley Dean, but did you know he also worked with a vocalist named Tawanna? Definitely check out this track which I’m guessing is from 2001/2002.


  1. I wish Timbaland make more songs like this… I wonder what year it was produced. Timbaland supposed to sign Tawanna back in 2001/2002, so I guess it’s that old.

  2. Truthfully, the song is ok but because it’s heartfelt and dedicated to a singer who has my heart as well as many other hearts, this average song is incredibly moving.


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