Upcoming Artist Spotlight: Kenny Dark “Stranger”

Kenny Dark May 2014 Sol Village SOBs-1

Many artists have a tendency to broaden generation gaps with their music. You have your few who are talented enough to create bridges between the two age groups, but its historical knowledge that in each generation of every form of music, one or two entertainers get introduced who blanket the generation gaps invisible. With timeless music and communication they’re able to relate to the oldest and newest of people. That’s what makes soulful soloist Kenny Dark the next true sensation in the world of rhythm and blues. Kenny Dark is a star. Take one look at him. Check his Instagram: KENNYDARK or Twitter @KENNYDARK01. One listen on your iPod or Youtube. His voice is like a fully-grown eagle in mid-soar. He can reach the highest of mountain tops or just glide by you low, never missing a beat. “I love going from a strong raspy note then transforming it into a soft sweet falsetto just to melt the listener.” Its Kenny’s student approach to music that has played the guardian who raised his talent into artistry. While keeping his ear on his personal favorites from his generation R. Kelly, Jodeci, Kanye West and ColdPlay he never stops listening to the legends who nurtured his love for singing Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Hall & Oats. This is why when he’s heard, his music is loved by all, no matter sex or age. Kenny’s talent has not gone unnoticed in the music industry either, MBK’s own Jeff Robinson touted Kenny as a polished artist and super producer Seven Aurelius praised his vocal ability. His versatility has allowed him to perform with R&B stamps such as Jill Scott, Carl Thomas and John Legend and hip hop artist JaRule. He’s still grinding and trying to let the rest of the country into his world. Owning a stylish, songwriting and singing ability like none other Kenny Dark wants to only do one thing: “Just talk to the entire world through song.”