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YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #11

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The X-Men team is back! Edd, Kyle and Tom finally come together for a brand new podcast. We talk about Tyrese’s new album as well as his numerous rants on social media including white artists vs black artists. Also, what do Keith Sweat, Montell Jordan and Future have in common? Find out by listening to our podcast.

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One comment

  • CC says:

    A bit late, but ready to comment. Thanks again for doing the podcast because I am a weekly fan.

    I really want to hear this Tyrese album. I do like his music, but I don’t believe he’s saving R&B. I don’t believe the genre needs to be saved. True, much of R&B songs are not on the radio, but as long as there are people buying cds, singing the songs and going to the concerts then I think the genre is alive and well. I know I am a supporter and there are many.

    The age to stop turning up? I stopped at 28. So yes before 30 it’s time to turn up and then at 30 chill a bit. Still have fun, but the chilled, grown fun. I appreciate an artist that knows how to make that transition with their age and music.

    Edd, you went off about Future and that song you sent for me to listen to was not cool. I just can’t get with it at all. I was bored. It’s just not my kind of music, but it works for others. I don’t agree that Keith Sweat is the Future of the 80s. That was cold guys. Just ice cold.

    On the album lookback, I need to hear this Kelis album. I only heard a few tracks when it came out, but I remember I loved the video for “Get Along With You”. In 1999 I was heavy into my love songs phase. So I’ll have to check this out again.

    The most annoying chorus certainly does not belong to Elle Varner’s “Refill”. Oh my gosh I love that song and overall she’s just amazing. I listen to her album daily. Edd, do you have a review of “Perfectly Imperfect”? If so, I must read it.

    My rapid fire: Pepsi, Tupac, M.C.Hammer, Optimus Prime, keep pizza

    Tom got so specific about the food. It was hilarious. Rapid Fire is never rapid. Oh and 5Guys burgers are super expensive and so greasy they need to come with a defibrillator.

    Thanks for discussing my cassette question, guys. So cool

    Thanks for another great podcast