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YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #15

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Readers note: This podcast was actually recorded before Podcast #14 which may explain why some of the topics are the same. In this podcast, we highlight some of the producers and artists who have really supported the website. We share some stories and encounters we’ve had with artists like RL, Musiq Soulchild and Eric Benet. We also talk about the struggle for artists that came from the 2000’s to make an impact on radio these days.

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  • CC says:

    I really love listening to the podcast every week. This week was cool and also interesting since Kyle was grubbing during the recording. We heard that fork, Kyle. :) Was it yummy?
    I loved the topics this week. I totally agree with your views on fan loyalty. Years ago, there were very few ways to sample an album before it was released. Virgin Megastore was one of the places where a person could preview an entire album before purchase. A person had to just take a chance and spend $15.99 to see if the album was good. Today, there are so many options and now we can just buy a single song instead of an album. I’m very loyal to Jon B, Raheem Devaughn, and many others. I’ll buy their albums without hesitation. Let’s just keep supporting the artists buy getting full albums if we can.

  • John says:

    This is by far my fav episode so far. From your perspectives on meeting the artist and your reviews on artist and how they are doing in the r&b space.