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YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #8

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Sorry for the delay! This podcast was recorded last week in New Orleans. Tom and Kyle discuss the Essence Festival, the importance of a great live show and Glenn Lewis’ debut album. We also have a journalist Isaiah Jackson on board with us for this show.

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One comment

  • CC says:

    Another great podcast. I’m loving it as always.
    I like EPS because I can get a preview of what the artist is about but I think it’s better to put out a full album. I’ll preview the songs and if I like at least 80% of the sound then I’ll buy the album.
    The 30 second song preview is good because we get a feel of the song but some songs have long intros and may turn listeners off.Example: Jon B’s “Multiple” has a 1.07 minute intro before it gets going. Great song but if someone based their feeling on the first 30 seconds then they may not like it . It’s a great song so check it out.
    I agree with your views on Target’s music sections. I love that store, but overall I miss a traditional music store where I could listen to an entire album before I bought it. I like buying CDS and checking out the inserts also. Can’t do that with a download and people are missing out. I need some music stores to come back.
    The topic of The Neptunes…I love them and Pharrell and Chad do a great job. Yes, I know who Chad is. Cute. I love N.E.R.D. and basically whatever they work on.
    Ok, fun stuff: what’s a Dunkaroo? I vote for fruit roll-ups also.

    Oh and what is the definition of Trap? Sounds like recycled stuff from the 80s similar to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “My Posse On Broadway”.
    Great job guys.keep the podcast going. :)