YouKnowIGotSoul Presents: Top 10 Best R&B Songs Written by The-Dream

The Dream IV Play

Love him or hate him, Terius Nash aka The Dream has had a hand in penning some of the biggest songs over the past couple of years. Once known just as Nivea’s husband, The Dream has transformed himself into one of the most known writers in the industry.

10. J-Holiday “Bed” (2007)

9. Jamie Foxx – Rainman (2008)

8. Karina “16 @ War” (2008)

7. Mary J. Blige “Roses” (2007)

6. Ciara “Like A Surgeon” (2009)

5. Mariah Carey “H.A.T.E.U.” (2009)

4. B2k “Everything” (2002)

3. Usher “Moving Mountains” (2008)

2. Nivea “Complicated” (2005)

1. Rihanna “Umbrella” Featuring Jay-Z (2007)

J-Holiday “Suffocate”
Beyonce “Smash Into You”
Janet Jackson “Greatest X”
Usher “Trading Places”
Beyonce “Love On Top”


  • inlivingcolor says:

    Not sure how far I’d agree with this list-Love on Top should definitely be in the top 10,even in the top 5-its retro,atypical and yet perfectly suited to bee’s voice and range; also Trading Places was the best track from Here I Stand– High Price- Ciara?; Betcha Gon Know- Mariah Carey?? These deserve a place in the top 10!

    • Buddha says:

      “Love On Top” will probably be on this list when I revise it 6 months from now. It’s too recent for me to really put it over any of the songs I listed.

      “Trading Places” was cool, but I think Movin’ Mountains was the better song (though the latter didn’t perform all too well on the charts…lol).

      As far as the Mariah and Ciara songs, I feel the two that I posted are stronger records, but the ones you mentioned are good too. I would probably also put “The Impossible” on the list somewhere.