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YouKnowIGotSoul + Radio 103.9 Present Calvin Richardson’s “I Am Calvin” The Revealing

CalvinRichardsonGoogleHangout-1 has partnered up with New York’s newest r&b station 103.9 to present a revealing of Calvin Richardson’s upcoming album “I Am Calvin”!

“I AM CALVIN: The Revealing” will be a “Google+ Hangout Program” in which Calvin will participate in LIVE Question & Answer session with fans as well to reveal the official tracks from the album “I AM CALVIN”.

Hosted with Radio 103.9 and, we will run a contest in which fans will have the one-on-one opportunity to win to “hangout” with Calvin during the Hangout and have Calvin see the winners face-to-face.

For the “I AM CALVIN: The Revealing” fans will be asked to do the following:

– Follow Calvin Richardson on Twitter.
– Follow Calvin Richardson on Instagram.
– Tweet Calvin a question you want to ask him for the revealing with the hashtag #IamCalvinReveal.

*Winners will be selected randomly two days before the actual Google Hangout on Calvin Richardson’s social media page and will have access to be within the hangout.


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