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YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #22

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It’s almost the end of the year so we talk about some of the best R&B songs that were released in 2015. We discuss our upcoming year-end countdown and our crtieria for the list. Is it about chart performance or quality? Tom and Kyle also talk about the Soul Train awards and the reception that it got. Babyface just dropped his latest album “Return of the Tender Lover” so we talk about his legacy and the album itself. Lastly we talk about Tank’s new partnership with Atlantic Records. He has his own label R&B Money so we talk about potential artists that he can sign.

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One comment

  • JoyfulCici says:

    Great podcast guys.Fun as always.Frosty drinks and Mario Kart work for me also.Tom,the Incredible Hulk drink is so long time ago.Whew the memories. I have to be honest, I still blast slow jams in the car.Everyone gets to hear the love I’m listening to. I don’t think many people focus on the good music anymore. It’s all about some catchy tune with a weird dance. Even Fresh Prince said it’s cool to dance to but what about the grooves that soothe and move romance. I need that soft mellow mix.

    You made good points about appreciating artist all the time and not just for awards.They need our support or we’ll miss them when that music is gone.Buy albums,go to concerts,etc.

    Love the podcast.Keep it going. Also, I loved the Power Rangers reference. Fan Club member 1994 right here.