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There’s nothing like meeting an R&B fan. Whether you’re listening to a new song for the first time ever or you’re zoning out to an old classic, there are certain emotions in you that only R&B lovers can understand. Most of the times, you’re reacting to moments based on instinct. You are not aware of what you’re doing, but it just comes naturally to you. Don’t be ashamed of it because we all do it! Here are a 10 signs that will hit home for you.

1. You are a self-proclaimed expert at determining what “real R&B” is even though there is no textbook definition for it.

You: That’s not real R&B, that’s Pop!

2. The phrase “That’s my jam” (or some variation of it) is part of your everyday vocabulary.

You: *Your favorite song is playing on the radio* “That’s my jam!!!!!!!!!”

3. “Sanging” is a word you use to refer to someone who is singing exceptionally well.

You: That boy is sanging!!! (Breaking news: Sanging isn’t a real word, but we forgive you).

4. “Yes” just doesn’t cut it for epic vocal perfomances, so you remix the word by exchanging an E for an A.

You: Yaasssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Sang it girl!

5. You’re obsessed with first week album sales.

You: Let’s see how much this artist sold this week so I can use it against them in a future argument.

6. Album credits are important to you.

You: My favorite producer made this beat? I don’t even know who the artist is but this is the best song ever!

7. You get excited about projects just to be disappointed time and time again.

Artist: New album coming soon!
You: Yassss!!!! Wait where is it?
Same Artist 10 years later: New album is finally coming!
You: Yes!!!

8. Your loyalty to an artist is unmatched.

You: I can’t wait for their new album!
Friend: Dude they haven’t put out an album in years.
You: Well it’s about to be 1995 all over again!

9. You use song lyrics in everyday conversation for no reason at all.

You: Can I have some of that food?
Friend: No
You: How you gonna act like that? [Tyrese voice]

10. It’s like Christmas when your favorite artist drops a new single and you just want to be alone.

Friend: Want to go out for dinner?
You: My favorite singer just released her new song. I have to listen to this 20 times before I can leave the house.