Aaron Camper Madness

Aaron Camper “Madness”


Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Aaron Camper of Salisbury, MD is the son of a preacher and an explosive performer. His work can be heard with some of the best and brightest stars in the industry like David Guetta, Stevie Wonder, Mike Posner, Jill Scott, Eric Roberson and Fantasia. Aaron earned a Grammy nomination in 2008 and since has toured with Chris Brown, J. Cole. Mike Posner, Diddy Dirty Money and others. Aaron’s mixtape, “Welcome To My World” with partner renowned musical director/producer Adam Blackstone of Bassic Black Entertainment was very well received. The first single “Madness” from his upcoming EP is scheduled for release July 24, 2012.


  • Marshique says:

    We like this song! Something that makes you wanna dance dance dance!! he does sound like she’s making him crazy.

  • stacy says:

    Just a few years ago I would go to cathedral of Love salisbury md, yes church st….and you could move the place.. God has really given you a gift and now you are touring with chris brown, j.cole, all these secular singers. Aaron you know better. you need to be slapped. and use your voice for the chruch. Don’t let the devil take your gift and twist it for his advantage. God is coming get it in order.. all of us need to.