Going into the show, I had already had the opportunity to check out Avant live earlier this year, so I pretty knew what to expect; and that’s exactly what I got. The fact is Avant is a singer who is not going to get up on stage dancing around with any type of gimmicks; he’s just going to deliver his greatest hits to you in a more intimate setting. In front of a very supportive crowd, there were actually a couple highlights during the night though. First, prior to the performance of his song “My First Love,” he called up a “random” couple of on stage and told the man he wanted to sing to his girl like it was coming from him. Midway through the song, he handed the mic to the boyfriend and he got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend (she said yes!). I was able to capture that on tape below. The second highlight of the night was getting a chance to hear him do his latest single “Kiss Goodbye” live. Overall, as a fan of Avant, I can’t complain about the show one bit, his fans definitely left pleased.

1) Makin Good Love
2) Lie About Us
3) Separated
4) Grown Ass Man
5) Nothing In This World
6) My First Love
7) You Know What