Brandy JandR Album Signing 2012-6

Just recently, Producer Bangladesh had a placement on Rihanna’s latest album “Talk That Talk” with the banger “Cockiness”. Bangladesh (along with Sean Garrett) is now hard at work with Brandy as they try to create a new sound for comeback.

YouKnowIGotSoul had a chance to speak with Bangladesh as he gave us some details on her new album.

“It’s going to be groundbreaking music. It’s going to bring her career back to life. I honestly don’t think the career was ever dead. I just think she was not focusing on working with the people that gave her the right music. The music is dope. It’s definitely a different sound for her. Her vocals are the same, but the song content is a little different. The beats are harder. It’s just going to be something refreshing.”

He also mentioned that the fans should look forward to the signature Bangladesh sound on Brandy’s new album.

“That’s the whole point of producing. The artist coming through the way the producer takes it. The whole point of her reaching out to me and working with me is doing my stuff, doing my style. We producers and writers are like the motor on the boat. We kind of know what we’re doing as far as what’s hot and what’s not.”

The first single will reportedly be released in the coming weeks with the new album to to follow sometime next year.