As part of our “Behind The Collaboration’ series, we talked to Case and Bob Robinson (of the production duo Tim & Bob) about their work together as well as the creative process in the studio. Learn about how all the Case and Tim & Bob songs came together including the singles “Not Your Friend” and “Missing You”.

00:00:14 – The story behind “Missing You”
00:14:18 – The longevity of the song
00:17:40 – Creating songs for Case’s third album “Open Letter”
00:21:36 – The story behind “Not Your Friend” and the label politics behind it with Def Jam
00:27:40 – The story behind “Conversate” and how Jazz from Dru Hill ended up on the song
00:32:10 – The story behind “Sex Games”
00:36:49 – The story behind “Even Though”
00:39:44 – Going back into the studio to work on “Deja Vu”
00:44:48 – What’s their favorite song that they created together?