Bilal HighbreedMusic Voyage 19

Bilal recently thrilled fans by live streaming a 54 hour marathon recording session last month. During that session, Bilal was joined by producer Tariq Khan and 30 musicians and vocalists who participated remotely to help create an experimental project. Most notably to join in was the legendary Erykah Badu.

We now have the end result in the form of a 3 song EP called “Voyage-19” which is presented alongside HighBreedMusic. You can check out one of the songs above called “Voyage to a New World”. The rest of the EP is available for purchase using the Bandcamp link.

Using the technology created via HighBreedMusic, Bilal was able to turn the isolation created by the Covid-19 pandemic into a unique, collaborative body of work.

Proceeds from sales of this EP will be shared among the participating artists, many of whom are facing financial uncertainty due to the global crisis.