Blackstreet 2 “I Luv Her My Christmas Girl”

Blackstreet 2

This holiday season a special gift is yours to keep from GRAMMY Platinum Icon Teddy Riley and his all new group Blackstreet 2 consisting of Lenny Harold, Tony Tyler, and J-Stylz who have been on a US & UK tour since early spring of this year.

“We really wanted to make something unique and special for all the people globally that love and support what we do. “I Luv Her My Christmas Girl” is our first original song released together as a group and we hope everyone will share it as their gift to someone as we have” says Teddy Riley.

This love song brings a rich and dreamy flavor that punctuates a taste of New Jack Swing aligned with today’s sound of music. Blackstreet 2 carries their own definitive harmonies, creative lyrics coupled with the mastery of song by Teddy Riley engaging the ears of listeners who have long awaited the arrival of a new timeless release.

Enjoy this holiday and the new single “I Luv Her My Christmas Girl” your gift from Teddy Riley, and Blackstreet 2. Celebrate love and celebrate it well.


  • jalissa says:

    This song I Luv Her(My Christmas Girl is on FIRE!!!! My #BS2 Fam Did That!!!! Love it so much can’t stop listening this song EVER!!!! They #1 Fan Fam

  • BullS*it2 says:

    Sorry but this IS NOT Blackstreet. Song is good but Blackstreet IS Chauncey Black, Mark Middleton, Eric Williams.

  • BullS*it2 says:

    People needs to see the Teddy Riley and blackstreet and he wants Teddy Riley ft. Guy/Guy ft. Blackstreet no wonder why these groups hasnt had more albums its Teddy himself wanting to control everything smh