Calvin Richardson Gold Dust Album Cover

The Soul Prince Calvin Richardson is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album “Gold Dust” via Shanachie Entertainment. This is his seventh album overall and will release on October 25th, 2019.

Just as he has been singing about for the past couple of decades, the new album is all about relationships. The singer says his upbringing gave him invaluable insight into relationships. Calvin adds:

“I was raised surrounded by women – my mom, my grandmother, aunts, sister, cousins, church ladies etc. I learned the heartbeat of what makes women tick. The mystique of a woman versus her overt authenticity is what inspires me to address matters of the heart and much of what I learned is reflected in my music.”

The new album will certainly prove with every note why he has earned the title “The Soul Prince.” The Grammy-nominated singer explains that when he signed the deal for the recording he gave himself a six-week window to complete it. “After my hit single “Can’t Let Go,” I definitely started off feeling the pressure. You know they say pressure burst pipes and I thought if this pipe bursts, it would be filled with Gold-Dust!”

His fans will be excited to know that he is back at full capacity after having lost his voice in early 2018. “This was the first album that I ever made where I felt pressure because of my touring schedule, and being occupied by writing my very first book, Do You Without Them, and the fact that I had lost my voice which carried over into this year. I had to work with much less than 100% of my ability but creatively I was still there.” ​

“Gold Dust” is an auditory manual for love. It is a gift from Calvin to his fans featuring a hearty ten-track recipe for love, fueled by experience and wisdom. Calvin says, “This music is dedicated to those of you who know how to love but made for the ones that have never known love.”