We were first introduced to Carvin & Ivan’s artist Bria Marie last year when they brought her to NYC with them to a show they were hosting. That night we had a chance to hear about her, but yesterday we got a chance to finally hear what her music was all about with her video “IDK (I Don’t Know)”. She spoke to us about what to expect with her music career, so take a listen.

Carvin Haggins: Right now we’re working with Ms. Bria Marie. She’s our next exciting project. We’ve been working with her since December 27th 2011. She pretty much came to the house and hasn’t left since, she kinda moved in. Basically, she’s an amazing talent, an amazing voice, she’s standing up for womanly ethics.

Bria Marie: I’m 19, so I know how a lot of the youth thinks. I think a lot of the music we listen to today praises some negative things, but positive isn’t always given a good light. Everybody wants to be bad. I want to show through my music that you can be good and you can go against the grain sometimes. That was something that when I was in high school I didn’t always understand and I want young girls and young guys to understand that you can be a good kid. *Laughs* You can check me out on YouTube, it’s YouTube.com/EthicalMusicEnt and on Twitter at @MsBriaMarie