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Classic Vibe: SWV "Right Here/Human Nature" (1993)

I guess you could say I’m partial to this song because of the sample of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature,” one of my favorite songs of all time. What’s often overlooked about this song is a very young Pharrell Williams chants “S Double U V” at one point during the track; as a member of the Neptunes he produced two songs on their “The New Beginning” album. “Right Here/Human Nature” was a #1 single and one of the biggest hits for the group. They are currently back together but have yet to release an album since the late 90’s.

Shouts to Marlene for today’s selection.


  • Russell says:

    Oh My Gosh…. I have listened to this song about a million times and never realized that it was Pharrell/the Neptunes that produced it. Now that I listen to it, I can distinctly make out Pharrell's voice. I have actually read articles about Pharrell's early days and how he worked with SWV but I never put the two together.

    Man, I AM LOVIN' your choices and the work your putting into this site. Keep it up!!!!!

  • DJ Slam says:

    Thanks for the comments Russell! I really appreciate it. I would love to have you choose a classic song of the day for me, just hit me up on e-mail!