Javier Crazy Single Cover

Classic Vibe: Javier – Crazy (2002)

After I heard this song for the first time, I immediately wanted to hear more from Javier and eventually became a big fan.

If you are not familiar with his music, please do yourself a favor and check out both of his albums. Although his style has drawn comparisons to Babyface, Kenny Lattimore, and Brian McKnight, I don’t really think those paint a true picture of Javier as an artist.

By blending elements of r&b, neo-soul, jazz, funk, blues and even pop, he’s developed a style all his own.


  • jOSHiEOwASHiE says:

    Javier is off the Hook!! Slow Motion is pretty good too but October Sky has to be the best! My brother will probably do a small tour up and down the West Coast with Javier and Ernie Halter! I might get to meet the man. Good pick Slam

  • DJ Slam says:

    Yea Joshie, I love "Slow Motion"!!! That's pretty cool about your bro. I been putting in work to set up an interview, he's from where I'm living right now so hopefully I can meet him also!