Deborah Cox Easy Way

Veteran R&B singer Deborah Cox returns with the brand new Rico Love produced single “Easy Way”. We finally get to hear the results of this collaboration which the pair had teased from the studio a few months back.

The track allows Deborah Cox to flex her signature beautiful vocal abilities over a vintage Rico Love production.

It has become a rarity to get new music from Deborah Cox for many years now, so the occasion calls for celebration. We have long anticipated a new album from the singer as a follow up to her 2008 album “The Promise”. That album released nearly 11 years ago to this date.

Cox had briefly begun promoting a new album “Work of Art” a few years back but it never came to fruition. Most recently, she released the dance track “Let the World Be Ours Tonight” in 2017.

Stay tuned for more info about a potential new album!