Jozzy Diddy Love Records

Sean “Diddy” Combs has just announced the debut EP from singer Jozzy called “Songs For Women, Free Game For N****”, will be his first release from his label Love Records.

The label is Combs’ triumphant returns to R&B music as an Executive Producer, Curator and A&R. He adds about the release:

“Jozzy is a very special and dynamic talent that only comes around once in a generation, so I’m excited to see how her music sets a new standard for R&B. Her skills as a writer and performer, matched with her style and energy has the potential to make her one of the greats and I’m proud to play a part in shaping the next chapter of her career.”

The 8 track EP masterfully blends multiple genres — From R&B, soul and pop to hip-hop, alternative and contemporary music — culminating in a one-of-a-kind sonic experience that places Jozzy into her own unique musical lane.

Jozzy ha been mentored by legends like Diddy, Timbaland & MIssy Elliott, and has also written for many of the biggest stars in hip hop and R&B.

Her dedication to create across all genres, from Coldplay and Rihanna to Pharrell and The Weeknd, has solidified her song-writing reputation as one of the most diverse and adaptable in the game. In May of 2022, Live Nation’s joint venture with Femme It Forward honored Jozzy with the Pen it Forward Award, an accolade of prestige that celebrates and empowers the music industry’s most creatively accomplished female visionaries.