Durand Bernarr Fist Bump

R&B sensation Durand Bernarr has just released his new single “Fist Bump”.

Also out now is an accompanying visual for the song.

Written by Bernarr and produced by Free Nationals and Bernarr, “Fist Bump” guides us through an upbeat funk driven groove that takes a few turns, requiring passengers to take in the scenery. The track boldly declares that no more embraces will be given to the ladies to preserve white, cream, and bright-colored ensembles.

It’s been two years since Bernarr released his sophomore album “Wanderlust”, and he’s currently gearing up to release something new for his fans. His upcoming EP “En Route” serves as a musical bridge from the realms explored in “Wanderlust” to the uncharted territories ahead, offering a melodic soundtrack for the adventurous journey that lies ahead.