Durand Bernarr En Route

Cleveland bred R&B sensation Durand Bernarr has just released his new visual EP “En Route”. The project is a genre-bending compilation of his musical influences and serves as a transitional bridge between Durand Bernarr’s sophomore album Wanderlust and his forthcoming solo and collaborative releases.

Over a period of five days, Durand Bernarr collaborated with long-time partners Sam Hoffman and Budda Foster, as well as Kay’ce Thompson and the renowned duo Louis York, consisting of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony, at Spotify’s newly-launched Coke Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Described as a road trip, the eight-track EP provides a soundtrack to the open road of adventure. He adds:

“En Route is the by-product of my experiences and evolution as both a person and an artist. It’s me expressing exactly how I feel, what I need and how I want to be treated. While narrating these stories, I wanted to incorporate the eras, genres, cultures, instruments, and music legends that inspire me. And what did I say would happen when I finally got some music video money?”

Check out the entire visual album above.