Dylan Sinclair, a young upcoming R&B singer-songwriter from Canada, is putting on his first set of US live shows this March. We were lucky enough to catch his very first performance in the US at Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn, New York this past Sunday [March 5th, 2023].

Sinclair has already been recognized as one of Spotify’s “Top 10 R&B Artists to Watch” this year (alongside Alex Vaughn, Coco Jones, LAYA, and more), and after watching him perform we can understand why. His experience from performing at festivals such as the world’s largest jazz festival in Montréal and Manifesto Festival in Toronto clearly shined through in this performance as his vocals were consistent and impressive throughout his whole set. Backed by live drums, keys, bass and guitar, Dylan’s songs and vocals came that much more alive through the whole night.

In the packed sold-out venue, the Toronto native performed songs from each of his three projects: Red Like Crimson [2018], Proverbs [2020], and No Longer in the Suburbs [2022]. His popular standout track “Open” from No Longer in the Suburbs was a clear crowd favorite, but songs like Girl captivated the crowd with its D’Angelo inspired style and vibe just as much. His hour-long performance was filled with moments of the audience singing and dancing along to songs like “I’m In It”, but there were also multiple times where the whole room stood still and silent to appreciate Dylan’s vocals in songs like “Home”. It was also a pleasant surprise to hear him sing a cover of Frank Ocean’s “We All Try” which sounded amazing with his band. Dylan also sprinkled some unique and fun moments into his time on stage by singing happy birthday to a lucky fan and rocking out to a guitar solo with his guitar player.

Overall, Dylan Sinclair’s ability to perform live proves why he’s one our (and many others) favorite upcoming male R&B artists. If you want to experience that old school/classic R&B performance feel from a new school artist, a Dylan Sinclair show should be on your list. We can not wait to watch him continue to grow as a performer and sell out bigger and bigger stages around the globe.