When artists are a part of a family of talent, they always have issues finding their own niche amongst their siblings and then amongst their music industry peers. Tamar pronounced (Tay-Mahr) now ever popular because of her straightforward attitude and her “dot com”, “dot org” and “dot net” slang and vocabulary featured on WEtv’s hit show “Braxton Family Values”, we have come to know Toni Braxton’s youngest sister Tamar aside from her 90’s, 00’s presence. Tamar fronting The 1996 Braxton’s trio release “So Many Ways” which featured remakes of Kylmaxx’s “I’d Still Say Yes” and Diana Ross’ “The Boss” still spawned minor single hits “Only Love” and “Slow Flow” and a sleeper album tack “L.A.D.I.”. In the midst of all of that, Tamar saw her solo debut 1999/2000 with Jermaine Dupri produced lead single featuring Amil “Get None” did get some notoriety based on her talents alone but many avid supporters of her sister’s career were interested in her sound and artistry. An album with star producers Jermaine Dupri, Missy Elliott, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart and Tim & Bob helmed enough classic items and single radio ready tunes you would expect Tamar’s music career to be stronger than what she wants it to be. You can expect the album to be everything and more with smooth loving R&B tracks “Words” “The Way It Should Be” and “Can’t Nobody” and loving tunes of yesteryear “You Don’t Know”, “Miss Your Kiss”, and “Tonight”. This album is for someone who loves R&B and can remember “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me” which was released as the second single. If you would love to hear a different tone of a Braxton’s voice and happen to enjoy Tamar’s background vocals on Toni’s albums “The Heat” and “Libra” and love to hear an artist vocally exceed beyond a normal range and singing material that resonates to her experiences, check out “Money Can’t Buy You Love”.

Written by Ian Evans